Warranty Certificates

General Provisions


Thank you for choosing our decks.

Our products come with a valid warranty that can extend up to 25 years (depending on the type of deck) against manufacturing and material defects. The installation warranty is valid for a period of 2 years.

General Provisions

he warranty is effective from the date of purchase and covers potential manufacturing and material defects.

Damages caused by misuse, accidents, insect infestation, force majeure, or other circumstances considered unusual under normal use are not covered by the warranty.

Purely visual damages such as impressions, joints, discoloration from light, seasonal deformation, or wear of surface coating are not included in the warranty.

Damages resulting from improper installation, maintenance, cleaning, or upkeep, as well as mechanical or chemical damages, are also excluded from this warranty.

Cracks, Roughness, and Dimensional Changes

Surface and end cracks in the boards may appear due to different drying characteristics of the surface and cross-cut ends. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and cannot be a reason for a complaint.

Product surfaces may become rougher and show minor chips and cracks over time due to constant contraction and expansion caused by the climate’s dry and humid periods. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and cannot be a reason for filing a complaint.

A slight dimensional change or warping may occur after installation, which is equally normal for most wood species and does not constitute a reason for filing a complaint.

We are available to address any questions and ensure you fully enjoy the benefits and terms of the warranty.

We appreciate your trust in our products and services and are ready to assist you at any time.

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