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    Enjoy outdoor paradise with Empório's Decks and Pergolas.


  • Luxury Decks and Pergolas

    An oasis of sophistication and comfort at your home with our custom decks and pergolas.

  • Impeccable Deck Installation

    Enhance your home with our high-standard installation.

    Bamboo Deck

    The bamboo deck is a sustainable and environmentally friendly floor covering, made from naturally durable bamboo.

    Ipe Deck

    The ipe deck is an elegant and resilient floor covering made from ipe wood, known for its durability and natural beauty.

    Composite Deck

    The composite deck is a durable and low-maintenance floor covering made from composite materials, such as plastic and recycled wood.


    Shade and outdoor space with a home pergola, offering a perfect spot to relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors protected from the sun.

    Slatted Panels

    Slatted panels are architectural structures composed of parallel slats, creating visual effects, privacy, and ventilation in both indoor and outdoor environments.


    Fences are wooden panel structures used to demarcate areas in properties or spaces, providing privacy, security, and aesthetic enhancement to the surrounding environment.


    Reference in Decks and Pergolas

    Create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Combine luxury, comfort, and refinement.

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